Designing digital identity to be interoperable, standards driven and technology agnostic.

CBN deployed the world’s first mobile Driver License (mDL) for live transactions in 2016. Leveraging those lessons and technologies, we partner with the Commonwealth of Virginia to launch their Mobile ID program this year, 2023. CBN has been in the business of trust since 1897 when we started as Canada's security provider. Our solutions bridge physical documents and digital applications.

Resiliency through agility

CBN leverages its expertise to bridge standard gaps, provide interoperability and be technology agnostic to facilitate seamless and secure data exchange across different platforms and systems. We provide subject matter leadership to both customers and standards development by being part of Standards Council of Canada (SCC), International Standards Organization (ISO). Open Standard and Industry Alliance (OSIA), and other industry and open source communities.

Why choose Mobile Identity?

  • Allow participants to assert their identity digitally.
  • Improve citizen’s personal privacy and security.
  • Participants can enroll anytime, from anywhere.
  • Modernize service delivery experiences.
  • Boost enrolment, availability, and utility.
  • Augment rather than redefine existing practices and processes.
  • Join an ecosystem of Mobile Identity issuers and verifiers.

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Mark Sullivan

Manager, Digital Services Group

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Jeffrey Quarrington

Vice President & General Manager, Civil Identity

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